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Proofreading and correction of all documents - PhD theses, dissertations, business documents, research papers, journal submissions, manuscripts and personal papers
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Customer comments
"I was very surprised by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again."
Nakamura-sama, Osaka

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Customer testimonials

You've heard what we say but don't take our word for it! Here's what our customers really think:

  • Thanks a lot for the text. This has been a fabulous experience, a perfect service. (Mr T. Nakat, Germany,

  • I did not expect such a thorough work, with great attention to details! Thank you very much! (Vladislav S., Russia)

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Anchor English for your fantastic service, for meeting all deadlines, for providing discounts, and for good cooperation during the later stages of correction. Thorough proofreading really makes the quality of the work go up several notches and I'm very grateful that there is fast and affordable service such as yours. (J. Torgé / PhD Candidate, Sweden)

  • I found "Anchor English" as a very serious and responsive proofreading entity. Their proofreading quality is simply superb in my view. Thank you Anchor English. (M.R. Aalto University, Finland)
  • I appreciate that you dealt with my case quickly. Thank you for your perfect proofreading. A RI GA TO U! (Fisheries Agency / Japan)

  • The paper/manuscript] is extremely well written […] and is easy for readers to follow and comprehend.  (From reviewer’s comment to the authors in one of the leading journals in Social Sciences)

  • Anchor English provides the most professional services, at very reasonable prices. I have been using their proofreading and editing services for more than four years, and I have always been highly impressed by the quality of their work and attention to detail. I also appreciate their helpful suggestions on how to improve the wording and the style of writing. Highly recommended. (M. P. / Translator / Slovenia)

  • Wow, thanks a lot for your fast and thorough proofreading! Not only did you fix my grammar and spelling mistakes, but you also made suggestions to improve on the comprehensibility of my writing. I'm really glad I found your website, your service is worth every cent. I will come back to you soon with more stuff :-) (J. Baur /App developer)

  • Until you returned the edited version of my document, I'd thought that my Statement of Purpose Letter was almost flawless. But it turned out to be not. Then I realized how right a decision I'd made by sending my document you to be edited. The speed of returning was as fast as promised and the price was relatively cheaper compared to other companies. I think we will work again in my dissertation writing process. (M. Kucuk/Istanbul Commerce University)

  • Thank you very much for your prompt response and the proofreading.
     Anchor English has always been a great support to us in publishing our manuscript in international journals. (S. Sapkota - Japan/Hiroshima University)

  • Again, thank you very much for your wonderful proofreading. Since your comments are always accurate and sharp, I learn a lot from your advice regarding writing articles in English! ( N. - Japan)

  • Thank you again for a job well done! I will certainly recommend your services to my colleagues. (Stina - Uppsala University, Sweden)

  • Anchorenglish a eu la bonne idée de proposer la correction de texte en anglais rédiger par des francophones et, à ma connaissance, c’est la seule entreprise qui propose ce service. Pour les Francophones qui ne sont pas sûr de leur anglais et qui doivent rédiger des documents ou des courriers en anglais assez rapidement, je vous recommande d’envoyer vos textes à Anchorenglish qui vous proposera pour un prix raisonnable, une bonne correction en toute confidentialité. En outre, Anchorenglish vous aide dans une certaine mesure à améliorer vos documents et cela est très appréciable, car le correcteur vous explique pourquoi il ne comprend pas vos textes et vous suggère de les transformer de telle sorte qu’ils soient meilleurs et plus compréhensibles.
    (Mr. F. Chaine, France)

  • I would like to thanks you again and again and inform you that i got:
    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU (Walaa Baragabah, Saudi Arabia)

  • Thank you for your kind editing. I am very happy to work with you again and again. (Anonymity requested. Tokyo)

  • I am truly glad to be in contact with you and with your organization. Your work is precise, quick, easy to understand, well presented and reasonably priced. I am confident I will ask you additional professional support in this field, in the future...
    Your performance changed our perception about your own professional sector and the thousands of people devoted to it. Thank you very much indeed. (L. Giallini, Tokyo)

  • I was very pleased by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again. (Nakamura T, Osaka)

  • Thank you for returning texts. Every comment is clear, and I always appreciate your prompt and professional advice, from which I learn a lot. (Takahashi Y, Japan)

  • Your editing is always reliable and top-quality. It gives me the confidence to present my reports to my superiors. Thank you again.
    (Ed Yeoh, Singapore)

  • Since my paper was highly technical I was not sure I could find a suitable proofreader but I was very happy and surprised by the work done by Chris. He was able to deal with the complex language and presented me with a polished document which I successfully submitted. (Suzuki Y, Tokyo)

  • As an American native speaker I wasn't sure I needed an editor but a friend suggested I try Anchor. I was surprised at what you guys picked up! Thanks again. (Bob Watson, N.Y, USA)

  • The contact with my editor was always very friendly and helpful. He seemed happy to keep working with me until I was completely satisfied, and there was no extra charge for this.(Sato, R, Tokyo)

  • I have been a customer for three years now. I feel I can always rely on you. (J. Dubois, France)

  • It is difficult to find a professional but well-priced English proofreading service for my field of medical research, but I am very satisfied with Anchor English Proofreading. (S. Nakayama, Sapporo, Japan)

  • The editor took great care with my paper. I liked his comments. When he was not sure of my meaning he said so honestly and made a suggestion.
    (A. Windahl, Sweden)

  • Thanks again for the website suggestions. The whole thing looks much slicker now. (Alan Carr, Ohio, USA)

  • I used Anchor English Proofreading to proofread my dissertation. It was very long but they did a great job in a short time, and found many small mistakes I had missed. I'm glad to say I passed. Thank you!
    (Heidi Watkins, UK)

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