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Proofreading and correction of all documents - PhD theses, dissertations, business documents, research papers, journal submissions, manuscripts and personal papers
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Customer comments
"I was very surprised by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again."
Nakamura-sama, Osaka

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What types of document can I send?

The simple answer is "anything in English". We are very happy to edit any document of any kind written in the English language. We have edited thousands of documents of vastly different types, from lengthy technical papers to short personal letters. Here are some examples of our past work:

  • scientific research paper proofreading
  • thesis proofreading
  • dissertation editing
  • software manuals
  • manuscripts for publication
  • business letters
  • correcting school and university compositions
  • advertising copy
  • technical manuals
  • resumes
  • magazine articles
  • private letters and emails
  • brochures and leaflets
  • website text
  • speeches and presentations

These are just a few examples. If you don't see your document type here don't worry! We will check it for you.


File formats

We accept the following file formats for email documents

  • Microsoft 'Word' Please use this if possible because it allows us to provide the best service. *
    If this is not possible we can accept the following formats:
  • Word Perfect
  • Microsoft Works
  • Text files
  • LaTex files - We can accept these files at a slightly higher fee. Please note that the editing procedure is different to doc. files. We can edit the tex file directly or as a txt. file but please note that track changes and comments are not possible with this approach, so it may not be appropriate for documents requiring extensive editing. Alternatively, we can create a Word file from the tex file and edit that, thus permitting track changes and comments. You can then use this revised text to re-create your LaTex file. We will estimate the word count (to avoid including code) and agree this with you before starting.

    * If you don't have word processing software, download Open Office. It's an excellent office suite, including word processor, and allows you to save documents in Word format. And it's FREE!

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