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English correction and proofreading service
Proofreading and correction of all documents - PhD theses, dissertations, business documents, research papers, journal submissions, manuscripts and personal papers
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Customer comments
"Every comment is clear, and I always appreciate your prompt and professional advice, from which I learn a lot."
Takahashi Y sama, Japan

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Notice about COVID-19
We are open as usual! We sincerely hope you are well and looking after yourselves. If you have any documents you wish us to check, please feel free to send them. Please stay safe.
Ten reasons to choose our English correction service:

You can send your document online NOW
Just go to our submission page, fill in the short form, and send the document. We will reply very quickly with a quote.

Only British or American editors
Correction of all documents is done by professional, qualified English correctors from the UK or USA. All editors are English native speakers.

No hidden charges: No VAT - No credit card fees
We offer a simple pricing system. Once the price is confirmed, it is fixed.
Free sample check
If your document is over 3000 words we will check a page for free so you can judge the quality of our service.

Follow-up is free
After you have revised your document according to our correctors' suggestions we will check your changes for free.

Invoice on completion
For regular clients or by prior arrangement we will consider special payment options such as payment on file return, or monthly invoicing. (More)

Discounts available
We offer big discounts for proofreading documents over 10,000 words or for documents that need less English correction than standard. (More)

A huge number of satisfied customers
We opened in 1999 - one of the first online English correction services. We have corrected thousands of documents and have many repeat customers.

5-Step correction process - more than just proofreading
We will use our special 5-step correction process to proofread your document. All editing points will be clearly marked. (Examples)

1-1 communication
Our head editor will supervise the proofreading and correction of your document and you can ask him questions at any time.

Anchor English Proofreading has provided international Internet proofreading and correction services since 1999. We have a wide range of customers, including large corporations, university professors, scientists, students, and private individuals, and we can proofread and correct any type of English document, whether it's a university research paper, a thesis, a dissertation or just a personal letter. (See examples)

Who uses our services?
If you write anything in English you can benefit from having your work checked by us, no matter what your first language is. There are obvious advantages for writers whose first language is not English, but proofreading is important for native English speakers too.

It's easy to make mistakes when writing English, but those mistakes can be embarrassing when they appear in an important document or on your website. They can detract from the real quality of the work and may even suggest a lack of professionalism. We will find and correct all those imperfections of style, grammar, and punctuation, and give you a polished English document that presents a professional impression to your readers.






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