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Quick lessons

These quick lessons are updated regularly. Check back to find the latest one.

Find the mistake I like listening to the music.
Correct sentence I like listening to music

We do not use 'the' before an uncountable or plural noun which has a general meaning.
Other correct sentences:
I love Japanese food
I don't like cockroaches

Previous 'Find the mistake' lessons'
1. I hate snake
2. Where is the scissors?
3. My father gave me some good advices
4. I didn't like the film. I felt boring.
5. I want to buy car
1. I hate snake
Correct sentence: I hate snakes

When we talk about things in general we normally use the plural with uncountable nouns.
Another example: Oranges are good for you

2. Where is the scissors?
Correct sentence: Where are the scissors?
Explanation: Although it is a single item, 'scissors' is plural, so we must use 'are'.
Similar words: trousers, pants, glasses
3. My father gave me some good advices
Correct sentence: My father gave me some good advice
Explanation: 'Advice' is uncountable and singular.
Similar words: homework, furniture. information
4. I didn't like the film. I felt boring
Correct sentence: I didn't like the film. I felt bored.
Explanation: If something (or someone) is boring it causes another person to feel bored.
'Boring' is an effect, but 'bored' is a feeling.
In the example, the speaker found the film very uninteresting. The effect of the film on the speaker was to make him feel bored.
5. I want to buy car.
Correct sentence: I want to buy a car.
Explanation: We usually put 'a' or 'the' before singular, countable nouns. We use 'a' (NOT 'the') when such a noun is mentioned for the first time and the listener does not know which exact thing we are referring to. Note: after this first mention, we can subsequently use 'the' because the listener now knows which thing we are talking about, e.g. 'I want to buy a car so I'm going to the car dealer tomorrow. After I buy the car I'll drive to visit my parents.'


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