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Customer comments
"I was very surprised by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again."
Nakamura-sama, Osaka

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  • I was very pleased by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again. (Nakamura T, Osaka)

  • Your editing is always reliable and top-quality. It gives me the confidence to present my reports to my superiors. Thank you again.
    (Ed Yeoh, Singapore)

  • Since my paper was highly technical I was not sure I could find a suitable proofreader but I was very happy and surprised by the work done by Chris. He was able to deal with the complex language and presnted me with a polished document which I successfully submitted. (Suzuki Y, Tokyo)

  • As an American native speaker I wasn't sure I needed an editor but a friend suggested I try Anchor. I was surprised at what you guys picked up! Thanks again. (Bob Watson, N.Y, USA)

  • The contact with my editor was always very friendly and helpful. He seemed happy to keep working with me until I was completely satisfied, and there was no extra charge for this.(Sato, R, Tokyo)

  • I have been a customer for three years now. I feel I can always rely on you. (J. Dubois, France)

  • It is difficult to find a professional but well-priced English proofreading service for my field of medical research, but I am very satisfied with Anchor English Proofreading. (S. Nakayama, Sapporo, Japan)

  • The editor took great care with my paper. I liked his comments. When he was not sure of my meaning he said so honestly and made a suggestion.
    (A. Windahl, Sweden)

  • Thanks again for the website suggestions. The whole thing looks much slicker now. (Alan Carr, Ohio, USA)

  • I used Anchor English Proofreading to proofread my dissertation. It was very long but they did a great job in a short time, and found many small mistakes I had missed. I'm glad to say I passed. Thank you!
    (Heidi Watkins, UK)

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